Dear Compatriots and Friends,

Welcome to the Embassy of Portugal in Athens. The role of this Diplomatic Mission is to promote the bilateral relations betweensr embaixador2 Portugal and Greece, defend our political, economic and cultural interests - in particular the expansion of the Portuguese Language - and also assist Portuguese citizens living in or passing through this country.

Portugal and Greece are united by the common values, interests and objectives of the European Union and by a long friendship. In a period marked by the economic crisis and by the refugees’ drama, our two countries believe that it is essential to find European answers based on the interests of the Union as a whole, on responsibility and solidarity.

 As the Foreign Minister, Prof. Augusto Santos Silva, underlined on January 2016, the European and foreign policy of our country adheres to five important guidelines: 1.the integration of all areas of foreign action into one coherent strategy; 2. the enhancement of our country, its advantages and contribution on the international arena; 3. Its assertion as a European State with a presence in the five continents; 4. the communication of our positions, projecting the image and the mark of the country; 5. The partnership between the political forces and all stakeholders of the Portuguese society in formulating the national positions.

This Embassy is responsible to apply these guidelines in the bilateral relations, in close cooperation with the small but very prestigious Portuguese Community, to which great merit is due for the positive image of our country in Greece.

My Collaborators and I are very keenly involved in reinforcing, with concrete actions, the excellent relations existing between the Authorities and Citizens of Portugal and Greece, and maintaining a dialogue and close collaboration with the Portuguese Community. We would like you to consider this Embassy as a place that belongs to you; we will do our utmost to meet your aspirations and needs and to deserve your trust.

Rui Manuppella Tereno

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